DHA Appoints Dr. Myriam Igoufe to Chief Research and Innovation Officer Post

Dr. Igoufe will work closely with executive leadership to expand DHA’s long-term innovative capabilities focused on more effective and supportive housing solutions

DALLAS, TX, APRIL 7, 2022 – DHA, Housing Solutions for North Texas announces that Dr. Myriam Igoufe, previous DHA vice president of Policy Development & Research (PD&R), has advanced to the new role of chief research and innovation officer (CRIO) for the agency.

As newly appointed CRIO, Dr. Igoufe is responsible for driving and implementing research-based initiatives to advance DHA’s growth, productivity, and to expand the organization’s long-term innovative capabilities.

In this role, she leads and manages the innovation process inside the organization, which includes the pursuit of operational and technological advancement and introducing innovative and practical models and policies. Dr. Igoufe actively identifies key areas for transformation to improve operational efficiency, departmental performance, and self-sufficiency for DHA-served families across North Texas.

DHA is the tenth largest public housing authority (PHA) in the nation. The agency provides affordable housing opportunities for over 55,700 people through public housing developments and the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program.

Prior to joining DHA, Dr. Igoufe led the country’s largest collaborative group to develop the North Texas Fair Housing Assessment (22 local governments, PHAs), which was part of a new planning process established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requiring federal grantees to identify, evaluate, and address fair housing issues and factors contributing to discriminatory issues.

Since joining DHA, Dr. Igoufe has led many successful programs aimed at fostering upward-mobility for communities chronically under-resourced in North Texas. In 2019, Dr. Igoufe and her Policy Development & Research (PD&R) team designed and launched the pioneer program Children First North Texas (CFNTX). The program, designed to combat segregation, focuses on the provision of mobility counseling and support services for voucher families with children living in racially or ethnically concentrated areas of poverty. In 2021, President Biden’s request for 2022 discretionary funding included funding a nationwide CFNTX-like program, mirroring DHA’s program architecture and intent.

Dr. Igoufe attended the Sorbonne Law School in Paris, and she received her bachelor’s degree in political science, government, and international law as well as her master’s degree in public administration from Lamar University. She earned a Ph.D. in urban planning and public policy from the University of Texas at Arlington.

“Dr. Igoufe has maintained a proven track record of developing and driving various innovative programs since she first joined DHA, from the launch of CFNTX to her work surrounding the Emergency Rental Assistance program for COVID-impacted households in Dallas,” says DHA’s president and chief executive officer Troy Broussard. “We are thrilled to appoint Dr. Igoufe as CRIO and look forward to her continued leadership toward advancing our mission.”

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About DHA, Housing Solutions for North Texas (formerly the Dallas Housing Authority)

DHA, Housing Solutions for North Texas provides quality, affordable housing to low-income families and individuals through the effective and efficient administration of housing assistance programs. The agency aims to create opportunities for program participants to achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence. DHA provides housing opportunities to ~55,700 people through public housing developments and Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) programs. Our mission is to provide affordable quality housing and access to supportive resources across North Texas. DHA is governed by its Board of Commissioners and administers housing programs funded and regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. DHA is an independent, local government entity that is separate from the Dallas City Housing/Community Services department, which is governed by the City of Dallas. For more information about DHA, please visit www.dhantx.com.


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