General FAQs

If you have issues in your neighborhood such as:

  • cars in the yard
  • trash in the yard
  • animals that shouldn’t be in residential areas
  • neighbor’s trees hanging over in your yard

Please contact the City of Dallas City Services by calling 3-1-1 or by using the online Request a City Service.

Call the Dallas County Tax Office at 214-653-7811.

You can contact the Housing Crisis Center at 214-828-4244, or the Apartment Tenants Association at 214-823-2733 and they can provide you with some guidance. 

If you have a temporary need for shelter you can contact the Dallas County Emergency Shelter at 214-920-7996. This is a 24-hour number.

If you need assisted housing, you can contact the Dallas Fair Housing Office for a list of government assisted housing developments at 214-670-3247.

You can also apply for DHA programs on the Applicant Portal:

If you need assistance in purchasing a home you can contact the Dallas Housing Department at 214-670-4840. Someone will be available to help you during business hours Monday through Friday.

No. This is DHA, which is separate from the City of Dallas housing department. For more information regarding the City of Dallas housing department, please visit: