Sabrina Steward

Sabrina Steward


Sabrina Steward, administrator of Missions & Outreach at Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, oversees administrative operations and events for Incarnation’s Missions & Outreach department, including coordinating volunteers, purchasing and financial management, communications and managing inventory.

She supports and manages events such as Day of Service, Angel Tree, community health fairs, mentoring and tutoring programs and other volunteer opportunities. Steward excels at operational efficiency through her business savvy and organizational talents. Yet she’s most visible as a leader in her people-focused roles, where she approaches her work with the mindset of service. She describes her role at Incarnation as “being a voice for the community, finding the needs and just trying to help support people and offer solutions.” 

Continuing volunteer roles she upholds include community advocate for Pre-K on the Early Childhood Development Task Force for Incarnation Place; facilitator and administrative assistant for the Ladies Oxygen Group, a support group for women and young moms; secretary for the Roseland Resident Council, which includes seven DHA properties; and board member of the Roseland Community Partners. 

Her involvement with her children’s education launched her career of service when she started as a volunteer with Roseland Head Start, growing into roles as policy counselor and then president. Her community leadership caught the eye of DHA leadership who invited her to join DHA’s Board of Commissioners to be a liaison for residents of DHA communities. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson appointed her to the board on September 1, 2020. 

Steward lives in Roseland Estates with her husband, 8-year-old son, 7-year-old daughter, and a baby on the way in December. DHA’s value is in providing safe and sustainable housing that allows residents “to work out finances before we’re able to move on to having our own house and getting life together,” Steward says. “It’s been really great getting to know the DHA managers and staff and how caring and motivated they are to help residents move up to better things.”

She’s determined to help residents better navigate the system to get the best kind of care for their families. That includes filling in the communication gap between what DHA provides and how many residents are aware of those opportunities. Steward wants to be a voice for the residents, pursuing and advocating for solutions to issues that affect many people and properties.

“That’s really what I try to do is create resources for people who live in public housing or who are low-income families that are just struggling to get by. I’ve been there. I’ve been homeless before, in a shelter, in a domestic violence situation. I’ve heard your story; your story is mine! So I can really understand where they’re coming from.”

Steward studied Business Administration at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, Texas and was certified in cosmetology at Skyline High School. She also volunteers as assistant director and administrator for the Roseland youth choir, and “I put God at the top in whatever I do!”

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