Founder of Carpenter's Point Senior Living

Reverend King’s compassion for people radiates through his humility and his desire to serve the North Texas senior population. The community he founded, Carpenter’s Point Senior Complex, is a 100% housing choice voucher property and flourishes with an average of 95-98% occupancy per year, providing 150 units.

Carpenter was not established with ease; in fact, Rev. King was warned that the cost alone would present a challenge. So he approached DHA with optimism, anticipating that they would share in providing better living conditions for Dallas seniors.

Prior to Carpenter, Rev. King knew that many seniors were coming out of dilapidated conditions, so his goal was to commit to making the community not only stable but also a place in which they would take pride. Today, he says that the residents are so proud of their community—“they love talking about Carpenter.”

Rev. King explains, “We took a lot of pride in providing more than just the basic amenities. We went beyond what’s required by the city, state, and HUD.” He recognizes Carpenter’s fortunate beginnings. After two attempts to apply for tax credits, Rev. King and his team were awarded $14 million in July 2008; however, because of the financial crisis during that period, the money could not be used. President Obama and his administration sent money to Texas, and a portion of those funds were administered to DHA, allowing Rev. King to move forward with the Carpenter project.

Through DHA, Rev. King’s property was categorized as a city-wide rent structure, providing housing for even more seniors in need. Rev. King commends DHA for their assistance, saying that DHA is “open and transparent,” maintaining great communication. While he owned Carpenter’s Point Senior Complex, Rev. King set a standard that 10% of distributions go into a fund for the seniors’ use, and $115,000 is dedicated to social services per year. His primary goal was to ensure that the seniors of North Texas have a safe environment that honors their value to the community.



Founder of Carpenter's Point Senior Living


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