Your voice is needed to improve affordable housing policy

We are excited to see that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is examining strategies to better support low-income families participating in the Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher program with more housing choices and a path to self-sufficiency. 

The HUD Moving to Work (MTW) demonstration program provides public housing agencies (PHAs) like DHA with the opportunity to design and test innovative, locally designed strategies that use federal dollars more efficiently. Strategies proven to be successful may be implemented nationwide.

DHA is pursuing an opportunity to be part of the MTW program focused on evaluating alternative rent policies designed to advance resident self-sufficiency. If accepted as a participating PHA in the MTW program, an independent research team will work with HUD and DHA to assist in implementation and evaluate the effects of the alternative rent policies.

For example, currently, families in the HCV program pay rent based on their household income. If a household’s income increases, their rent portion increases as well. DHA recognizes that this current rent formula may make it difficult for families to use their increased income to enhance their quality of life and get ahead to move beyond housing assistance.

As part of our effort, we are depending on residents to provide their thoughts and input. Please take our short survey to help us understand your circumstances and what changes to the HCV program might benefit your family.

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You can learn more about DHA’s MTW efforts on our website:

More on MTW

This initiative will require the community to work together, so we hope you will join us! Your input is important — add your voice now by taking the survey. We also invite you to attend an upcoming community event.


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